Hello friends,

We have lots of news for you in this letter.

First an update on Pat’s progress. Pat is doing very well, her recovery continues and she is making progress even though it is slower now. It seems that I notice more energy and sharper mental responses every few months.

Where have we been since I last wrote?

In November we made a trip to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving with my family. This trip seemed to go wrong at every turn. After one day the weather went bad…cold, snow and Ice. Then Pat got sick and we spent most of the night before Thanksgiving in the emergency room in Omaha. About the time Pat was feeling better I got the flu and was sick on Saturday and Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend. On Monday I decided that we would cut the visit short and head back to Dallas to try to get well! My family and I have decided that we will have a family gathering earlier next year and call it “Thanksgiving”.

Thanksgiving ice storm in Iowa

After spending the holidays in Dallas, we were healed up and ready to travel again. On February 1st we packed the motor home and headed for Arizona. This is the trip that we took last year and really enjoyed. We spent about six weeks staying in Tombstone, Tucson, and Phoenix. I shot in several warm up matches and then on March 4th –March 9th  I shot in the National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, “Winter Range”,  at the Ben Avery center near Phoenix, placing 9th in my category. Pat enjoyed a visit with her aunts Dorthery and Pat in Sun City AZ   while we were in the Phoenix area.

During the trip Pat rode in her “Range Cart” at the shooting matches and was the "belle of the ball" while I was shooting. We have made lots of new friends on these Arizona trips from all over the country. Pat loves socializing with everyone during the matches. The social interaction is really good for her.

  Pat rides in her “Range Cart” during Tucson shooting match

 Pat and John at “Winter Range” awards. Phoenix AZ.

 Pat & John at Winter Range match in Phoenix AZ

The Dallas Quilt Show

Just like last year we had to make a quick trip home from Arizona, leaving early Monday morning so that we could get back in time for opening night for the Dallas Quilt show on Thursday. We went to the opening night and Pat was surrounded by old friends and well wishers from her home town quilt guild. It was the best medicine in the world for her. One of her former students from Plano TX won the appliqué category with a quilt done using Pat’s “Jacobean Holiday” pattern. It was a beautifully done quilt.


New Fabric Collection:

Pat has a new fabric collection coming out this spring. It will be presented to shop owners at Spring Market and should be in stores this summer. The collection by Timeless Treasures Fabrics is based on the designs that Pat has developed, using the ageless elements of Jacobean designs.  The company’s artist did the patterns using Pat’s design elements and her distinctive color palette and Pat performed the final selection of the fabrics for the collection. We are very excited about this collection and we think that Pat Campbell fans will really like the fabrics. You should be able to view the collection late this spring or early summer on Timeless Treasures web site www.ttfabrics.com.  Timeless Treasures has also commissioned two quilts (pieced quilts) made with the new line and will have a free pattern available for these two quilts.

Here is a little peek the collection just for our subscribers


Here are the two quilts made with fabrics from Pat’s new collection

Free pattern quilts made with Pat’s new fabric line from Timeless Treasures


New Thread Caddies

We have just received a shipment of Pat’s “Traveling Quilter” Thread caddies made with Pat’s newest fabrics.  Here is a picture of the new TQs . Along with Yellow and Cobalt Blue still in stock from the previous shipment, we now have a selection of five colors to choose from. Get yours soon!

Well, friends, that brings us up to date.  We hope you have a wonderful spring.

Thanks for your support.

Pat and John